Temperature Sensors & Level Signalers

Production of Temperature Sensors &     Level Signalers


Our Sensors

Application in Industry


used in water, nuclear, thermal power plants. In solar and photovoltaic installations. Air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration units.

Chemical industry

can be used in the production of fertilizers, paints, glues and other chemical products. Also in rubber processing and in the application of different kinds of coatings.

Cement industry

being applied in the factories for production and processing of cement and its derivatives.

Ship building and ship repair

have a wide application in ship-repairing activities and are mounted in turbines, generators, engines and other.


metal casting – steel, aluminium, zinc. Hardening and heat treatment of metals.

Glass and ceramic industry

in production of car windows, glass products and decorations. Are also used in ceramic production.

Cellulose and paper industry

are used in drying machines and in the production of cellulose and paper products.

Steel mining and mechanical engineering

are used in steel mining industry, also in different machines, furnaces, fireplaces and boilers for central heating.

“NAKRA Ltd. is a correct partner with high level of technical and organizational descipline.”

– Jens Grunwald, Simens CTO

“By this letter I confirm that NAKRA Ltd. has been providing different services for the Commissioning team of Maritza East 1 project”

– Clement Faucherre, ALSTOM, Lead DCS Commissioning Engineer, Maritza East 1 Project

“With this recommendation we share our satisfaction and appreciation for the work and professionalism of NAKRA Ltd. regarding the delivery of thermocouples, thermo compensating cable, transmitters and others”

– M. Schurman

“The management of TPP Marica Esat 2 EAD, issues this reference to NAKRA Ltd. stating that it has carried out an annual supply of temperature sensors”

– eng. J. Dinchev

“GCR Ltd. gives the following reference to NAKRA Ltd. in confirmation that it had delivered temperature sensors according to the needs of our projects”

– Dr. eng. Bogomil Machev

“”AES 3С Marica East 1′ Ltd. gives the following reference to NAKRA Ltd. in confirmation that it is our correct and loyal business”

– Todor Belejkov


Useful information for You

History of Temperature Measurment

Useful information for You

History of temperature measurment


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