Company NAKRA is situated in Radnevo – the center of the power complex “Maritsa East“

The main activity of the company is the production of temperature sensors, design and construction of industrial systems for temperature measurement.

We offer wide variety of the major types and constructions of temperature sensors with range from -200⁰С to +1100⁰С, as well as wide variety of level switches.

Our sensors are compliant with the European standards EN 60584 and EN 60751 and are compatible with those of the leading world producers. The company has integrated a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. Our goal is achieving the highest possible degree of Customer Satisfaction.


Founding of Nakra Ltd.

The initial activity of the company is organizing a car repair service for Trabant. In 1991 together with “Drujba” factory in Razgrad, NAKRA produces the first (and last) in Bulgaria pistons for the German “paper” car. The produced around 4000 sets are sought after on the Bulgarian market for over 15 years.

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Gradually the activity of the company redirects in the area of industrial automation.

In 1992 the first contract for delivery of manometers and temperature sensors with a Russian producer is signed. In Bulgaria the demand is in energy and chemical industries. By NAKRA’s technology a production of thermo-compensating and pneumatic cables starts in Moskow’s cable factory.

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First development of own production starts.

The idea is to choose from production of manometers, temperature sensors or thermo-compensating cables. A plot in the industrial area of Radnevo has been bought. The building of a big technological base starts.

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The company puts in operation three laboratories, well equipped mechanical workshop and a warehouse with area of 500m2.

The first trials for producing temperature sensors have started – thermocouples and thermoresistors, with elements bought from factories “Elektrotemometria” in Lutsk, Ukraine and “Luch” in Moscow, Russia. The demand is quite high and thanks to the already build technological base the production grows faster.

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The company implements a Quality Control System and acquires a ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

The usage of Russian elements is ceased (the reason is the price-quality ratio) and the usage of such from European and world producers starts.

The building of a hotel on the territory of the base in Radnevo starts. The name of the hotel is “Nakra”, and is provisionally called “engineering”. In it, by design, are created good accommodation conditions for engineers and workers assigned to project in the complex “Maritsa East”.

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NAKRA is one of the two subcontractors of SIEMENS – Germany

For the period from 2005 and 2009, NAKRA is one of the subcontractors of SIEMENS – Germany and ALSOM – France on project for rehabilitation of TPP “ENEL Maritsa East” 3 and building of TPP “AES 3C Maritsa East 1”, in part Automation. The work on the projects include delivery, pulling, and connecting of cables, building of cables traces and installation of sensors for pressure and temperature. In 2010, using our big experience in measurement of temperature, we started production of own brand of temperature sensors for the industry called NTS (Nakra Thermo Sensors).

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NAKRA certifies the process of production of temperature sensors

In 2012 we successfully certified the process of production of temperature sensors according to Quality Control Standard ISO 9001:2008. 

The production grows and in 2013 we already have assimilated a technology for production of mineral isolated sensors. Over 70 body types are developed for the temperature sensors. In the last 10 years TPP “Maritsa East” 2 is almost solely using temperature sensors produced from NAKRA.

In 20018 NAKRA successfully switched to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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NAKRA starts production of Level Switches

The re-equipment of the technological base starts with new unique machines and devices for production of temperature sensors and level switches. The new production process started in 2020 extends the product variety produced by NAKRA. This allowed us to increase the quality and reliability of our products. Customer/Supplier relations have strengthened.


Production facility

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